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I became a nail tech in 2000. From that time until July 1, 2010 when Krystal and I opened our salon, I had worked in many nails shops. You just wouldn't believe the practices I have been made aware of over the years. I won't go into details(some of which would make your stomach turn), let's just say when we finally were able to open our own, the philosophy was clean, sanitary conditions and a relaxed atmosphere were the most important things to separate us from the rest.

We also focused on safety. Slowing down the drill to prevent burning, beveled edge drill bits to prevent damage to the natural nail. We educate our clients on best practices for their individual needs to maintain and restore their hands and feet. Privacy - Your services are provided in a private room, you can relax with minimal disturbance. To top it off, we are competitively priced for such luxury accommodations.